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Thanks for visiting my site! Here you will find a Juke Box with some of my favorite selections. On the Multimedia tab you will find a slide show of "A Day At the Rodeo" and on the Concert Lecture tab a show I did called "America In Flight." Enjoy!

Here is a sampler of my music:

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About me

When I was six, my mother dragged me to classical violin lessons. I didn't like that very much. But at 13 I discovered the guitar, and it stuck. I would even play while we were watching TV, so my family exiled me to the basement. Good thing! There, listening over and over again to vinyl records, I taught myself Beatles songs, which led me to Chet Atkins and finger-style guitar – the magic of sounding like two guitars at once!  Now I say that I play in a quartet – my thumb and my three fingers!

A couple of years later my high school rock and roll bands practiced in that basement, and my friends affectionately named it Brook Boulevard!

Featured Tune!

"What A Wondeful World"